Starting Business

You can set up a new trading company, a Romanian legal entity

It will operate based on cooperation , association agrements and so on with foreign companies . It may have only foreign associates.

Unlike the other types of trading companies that might be set up in Romania , this is the only entity that can transfer (shift) its head office to another member state.  

The legal status of the company may be :
Limited partenerships : minimum 1 associate , 50.00 euro minimum capital . 
Joint-Stock companies : minimum 2 associates , 25,000.00 euro minimum capital . 
European company : to be set up according to EC Regulation No. 2157/2001 and Law No. 31/1990 within the terms of trading companies

You can set up a subsidiary of a foreign trading company

The subsidiary is an agent of the parent company and can be set up only if the statute of the foreign company allows it.

It doesn’t have its own legal entity or a capital distinct from that of the parent company . The parent company establishes the scope of the business for the subsidiary , the assets that are assigned to the activity thereof , the organization and operating mode etc according to the Association Articles of the subsidiary.

As it doesn’t have a distinct capital , the subsidiary can’t have its own creditors and debtors and can enter into commercial relations only on behalf of the parent company.

Its relative independence derives from the fact that it may sell assets , carry out work or provide services from the equity granted by the parent company .

The subsidiary can be sued for the operations performed in the country of residence . 

The accounts should be kept in Romania although the subsidiary will be an entity without legal status . It will be a tax payer for the profit assigned by the parent company to the subsidiary.

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