Danube Delta

Is the second largest and the best preserved Delta in Europe.
Vlad the Impaler , known as Dracula
Bran Castle – Count Dracula’ Castle
House Of Parliment
Or House of the people is the second largest administrative building in the world as area, after the Pentagon.
The Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies
Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies - Sibiu ,Romania
Bigar Waterfall
The website, The World Geography declared Bigar waterfall of Caras Severin as “the most beautiful in the world” and Huffington Post named it "a fairytale place" .
Romania's Carpathian Mountains
Variety of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife, grasslands, subterranean caves, volcanic lakes, rivers, natural parks.
Romanian Inventors
Try to imagine how the world would look like without them: no pen writing, no jet engines, no planes with reaction, no Eiffel Tower, no insulin to cure diabetics, no cybernetics.
Traian Vuia was a Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who designed, built and tested the first tractor monoplane.
Henri Coandă was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer, and builder of an experimental aircraft.
Petrache Poenaru invented the world's first fountain pen.
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Education means growth for anyone, at any level. What I love the most, is when people learn and discover themselves, as spiritual beings, as souls and energy and choose to grow themselves intentionally in...


  University of Craiova is an institution of higher education in Craiova, Romania. The University was founded in 1965 and comprises 17 faculties. University of Craiova is a modern educational institution serving over 25000...

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For Romania is a set of specific procedures—the bureaucratic and legal steps that an entrepreneur must complete to incorporate and register a new firm. Evidence of verification of company name availability and reservation According...


 Parties, duration of the contract if the contract is a definite type or if is concluded by means of temporary staffing agent, date of the contract conclusion, work and remuneration conditions, the place where...


Country Data • Location : South –Eastern Europe• Area : 238 391 square km (as big as the UK)• Population (on 1st of January 2014): 20,0 milion inhabitants• Capital: Bucharest ( the 6st largest...

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  No. 31/November 17, 1990 TITLE I General Provisions Art. 1. In order to carry out a commercial activity natural and legal persons may associate and set up business organizations according to the present...