The monthly salary of an IT specialist who holds a management position within the subsidiary in Craiova of the Dutch provider of BPO and ITO NetRom services reaches € 3,000- 4,000. “The salary of a fresh IT graduate graduate starts from 550-600 euros per month, while an operational manager can earn up to 3,000 – 4,000 euros per month,” says Mircea Negrila, NetRom technical director, a 2.5 million-dollar business last year, for which 92 employees work in Craiova. An operational manager has technical background, coordinates several projects and teams of 15-25 people and manages the relationship with clients. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) processes refer to the outsourcing of those processes that do not have a core business function. ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) processes refer to IT support activities. The average salary will reach 367 euros this year in Dolj County, according to estimates made last year by the National Commission for Prognosis (CNP). The monthly average net salary of a senior developer software with three years of experience working in the company is 900-1,100 euros, plus bonuses. “We are about 15% over the Craiova market in terms of wages.” The salary of a senior software developer in Bucharest reaches 2,000-2,500 euros. The costs of an outsourcing company operating on the local market are lower than on the Dutch market. “In Romania, costs are 40% lower than in the Netherlands,” added Negrila, adding the quality of the people, the language skills and the cost-productivity ratio. The advantage of Romanian IT & C employees is that they master better the basic knowledge, but when it comes to fine-tuning issues, niche specialties, the report is reversed in favor of Dutch employees. Graduates unable to work from day one The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and Automation and Computer Science in Craiova deliver annually about 130 graduates. “Of these, a maximum of 10 can be integrated into companies and no one is able to work in an IT company on the first day. We select the best graduates and the process of integrating them until they can actually work on the job ‘takes about three months. ” NetRom would reach about 150 employees on the horizon of 2012, compared to 92 units currently, at a rate of 15 employees per year. “We are pursuing a controlled growth. We employ up to two people a month because we have a complex integration process.” The company, with full Dutch ownership and business of 2.5 million euros in 2008, estimates an increase of 15-20% this year, contrary to the downward trend in other businesses. “If in the spring of last year, under normal market conditions, after 45 business meetings, 8 contracts were concluded, in the last few months their number reached 18-19. The business grew by 40% last autumn comparative with Spring 2008. ” Approximately 90% of NetRom customers are Dutch companies in all areas of activity. The company currently has 50 clients with punctual collaborations and 28 active clients and a single point of work in Craiova. “Our advantage is that we have a reduced staff turnover of up to two people a year. The difference from Bucharest is that people are more loyal to the job.” The largest concentration of BPO companies is in the capital. Only the Genpact Indians opened offices in Cluj, and the Americans from TechTeam went to Sibiu and Galati.

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