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Martin Pacovsky – CEZ

After, presenting you Mr. Jan Veskrna, I would like to present you the mentor of my early professional life, Mr. Martin Pacovsky and also, I would say the right hand of Mr. Veskrna, in the journey of CEZ in Romania, for the period that they leaded.
He is the kind of person, that speaks short, straightforward at the subject, knows to listen and understands, does not pay easy compliments, but knows to say thank you and make people feel his appreciation when he wants to transmit this message. He has very good instinct with people or maybe is just very lucky, “betting on right people”, as himself says, because all people he had chosen in his team accomplished big achievements. He knows to motivate people to assume the goal and follow it.

I know, you have a passion for international experiences. You have seen, so many great places, worldwide and you have friends in so many corners of the world. Why Romania? What you knew about Romania, before coming here?

I did not know anything about Romania before coming there, actually originally I should have gone to Bulgaria but at the last moment me and CEZ agreed on Romania. So Romania actually was not my decision. After 6 years I feel very much attached to Romania as I do speak the language and I have lots of friends there.

How did you find Romania? Bucharest? What about Craiova, once you arrived?

At first glance Romania was very difficult to travel. The trip from Bucharest to Craiova took us normally around 3 hours and on top of that driving was very demanding. Also the architecture of Craiova was kind of unexpected, mainly the entrance to the city. But in the end people is what counts.

In 2005, you came here, being part from a team of extraordinary people as I and others had the perception at that time with the objective to change an organization of 3 000 people and transform it in a very performing one with annually turnover of more than 400 millions euro, in a new open market of energy. How were the first months? What was your first impression when you started the work in Romania?

Our team was very motivated so I was quite sure we will succeed. First month were focused on setting up a infrastructure – finding the office, new staff, understanding the processes in Electrica Oltenia. Then the first real audit based on international standards – very demanding

You learned Romanian language very fast, even is Latin language and Czech language is Slavic, very different. What motivated you?

I did not have any specific motivation nor I did not put any extra effort to it. It just “appeared”. Honestly I think my Romanian is far from perfect but it is enough to communicate.

The former Electrica Oltenia went through one of the most intensive processes of reorganization and was nevertheless the first, in the country, to be able to meet European requirements of unbundling distribution and supply. What you would say brought the success story?

Betting on the right people in the organization. Having right mix of local team and expat experience.

How you would describe the business environment in Romania? What are the things that should improve in business environment ?

I am too long out of Romania to be able to judge this question anymore.

What skills do you have to own to lead Romanians to achieve results? What motivates Romanians?

It is very difficult question in deed. As everywhere it depends on individuals. Generally I think Romanians (as others) want to be successful but I think more long term view would be sometimes more beneficial. I also think that empowerment works to large extent.

What is the best thing about Romania, especially comparing with other countries or cultures? What about the worst?

I appreciate a good improvisation and social skills, I think sometimes the Romanians respect too much hierarchical structures.

What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement in Romania?

The whole Romanians story is a big success to me, to make the company respected player on the energy field in Romania.

How accepted and adapted your family in Romania? How did you enjoyed your free time?

My wife was not very happy coming to Romania, first year she was crying a lot, the year after she become used to the environment and then I could not get her back to the Czech Republic. We enjoyed our time in Romania, however due to difficult travelling we spent most of the time in Bucharest.

What do you think about this website / blog ?

I need to check it yet.


As I said, he speaks straight … 

Thank you for your availability and time Martin.


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