Country Data

• Location : South –Eastern Europe
• Area : 238 391 square km (as big as the UK)
• Population (on 1st of January 2014): 20,0 milion inhabitants
• Capital: Bucharest ( the 6st largest city in the EU)
• Government: Parliamentary Democracy (Semi- presidential republic) .
• Native language : Romanian (a Latin language which presents similarities with French, Italian , Spanish and Portuguese)
• Business languages used : English (most used ), French, German, Italian , Spanish.
• GDP: 3.5% in 2013 ; 2.6% expected for 2014 and 2.8% for 2016
• Religion: Orthodox (majority of population)
• Currency: relatively stable since 2011, 1EUR=4.5RON, Romania aims to adopt Euro in 2019

Craiova data

• Location : Southern Romania
• Area : 81,41 square km
• Population (on 1st of January 2014): 269.500 inhabitants
• City Hall : Lia-Olguta Vasilescu

In Craiova, there are 2 industrial parks, owned by Romanian State, made thorugh the County Council:
S.C.Parc Industrial Craiova S.A. holds the title of “Industrial Park” on an area of 18.30 ha, starting 2006 and also, in 2014, was developed, HIGH-TECH INDUSTRY PARK CRAIOVA – on 24,1341 Ha, on green-field area .
The founders of this industrials parks aimed to developing sustainable the area of Craiova by attracting private investments that generate stable jobs in this area.

For the future the City Hall, has in plan to develop the third industrial park.
“We have very good news from other investors. The first park was filled with Turkish investors, the second park fills up later this year with other investors, mainly from the UK and for next year is to expand to other area of the city, the Işalniţa where we want to organize a park Işalniţa industrial Park, with the metropolitan area of Craiova. Işalniţa owns eight hectares of land in the area Doljchim and there will initiate the third industrial park that already are requests to be the second industrial park and if we are not ready with the third park investors may turn to other cities “, added Lia Vasilescu Olguţa, the mayor of Craiova.

Besides, the industrial areas owned by State and developed especially for attracting investors, in Craiova there are many industrial areas, owned by private companies or persons.

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