• Individual labour agreement for definite period, indefinite period, homebased work, part time work, temporary staffing Act No.
  •  Parties, duration of the contract if the contract is a definite type or if is concluded by means of temporary staffing agent, date of the contract conclusion, work and remuneration conditions, the place where the work is performed, evaluation criteria of the employee, the occupation, the risks of the job, number of vacation days, number of days applicable for the notice, number of working hours per day and per week, probationary period, the date of commencement of work (The contract must be concluded in writing.

Working time

  •  Full time employees – 40 hours per week (8 hours/day)
  •  Part time employees – the working time is determined by the daily norm thus weekly norm represents daily norm*no. of working days (5 days)
  • Holiday entitlement per year : Minimum 20 working days per year

Trial Period

 For indefinite labour agreements depending on the nature of the position:
• Executions position: maximum trial period is 90 calendar days
• Management position: maximum trial period is 120 calendar days
For definite labour agreements:
• Depending on the period: < 3 months: maximum 5 working days; 3 – 6 months: maximum 15 working days ; Depending of the nature of position: • Execution position >6 months: maximum 30 working days; Management position >6 months: maximum 45 working days

Notice Period

  •  Parties agreement: no notice period required  
  •  Dismissal: Minimum 20 working days  
  •   Resignation, depending on the nature of the position:  
  •  Maximum 20 working days for execution position  
  •  Maximum 45 working days for management position

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