Happiness is growth and contribution!

❤️”Happiness is the harmony between what you think, what you say and what you do.” (Ghandi)❤️

Many people have not yet learned that one of the main purposes of life is to enjoy it and it is equally true that we decide whether to give each day a chance, whether to act and manifest happiness in our lives, as every day, to be the most beautiful possible, the best variant of every day we live.

Time is irreversible, every day passes, and in the end you decide, if you lost it or lived it intentionally, every day and your whole life, it is a lesson on Planet Earth. That’s why your soul came here, to experiment and evolve at the level of consciousness.

Every day brings with it people, contexts, feelings and emotions, but it is not our exterior that we encounter that defines our day at the end, but the perspective with which we receive, accept or reject, live, repress or express what is inside us.

When I look back on my life, I see contexts in which I made mistakes and experienced pain, suffering, but from all of them, in the end, I see lessons learned and now after a long time I am grateful for them.

I learned that nothing, but absolutely nothing, is accidental.
However, when an injustice, pain, loss, humiliation, rejection, betrayal “happens” to us, whether we are the ones who do injustice, reject, betray or are the ones who receive it, we do not understand why it “happens” to us.

If we fail to understand and learn the lesson from a context we are left with all the feelings of low energy in us, guilt, shame, fear, envy, etc. and the feeling of regret that we have not lived a life as we would have liked and we blame external contexts or someone for all our choices. But, you know what? As in any school, this mean we failed the exam, so we will have to experience again the same or even worth circumstances until we learn the lesson, because this is why we are hear, to graduate from Earth school.

And I’m convinced that you also remember your childhood with great fondness. That period of life when everything was simple, beautiful and you didn’t have to do anything. The period when your parents made all your cravings (when you deserved it) and you spent all day outside with friends, playing, but I think you already know, not all childhoods are like that, but all children are happy and live and manifest purely Divine joy.

More than ever now, after the experience of meeting the children from rural area, I understood that pure joy has nothing to do with the external context, but with us and our interior. Children are Divine gifts and are charged with purely Divine energy and this manifests and gives, we are charged with purely Divine energy around children.

There is a sad conviction that I often hear, which is transmitted from parents and grandparents to children and was transmitted especially to my generation “Live your childhood, rejoice, that then come the difficulties and you see …” And many of us agree with this word of the parents, we continue to believe that it is so and we live our lives manifesting the conviction that the purely Divine joy we lived in childhood, gone and we will not find it again, but what makes the difference between us and children, is the way we choose to receive, to experience, to “play” our role in our lives, to be heroes, models to live in the present or victims of contexts lived up to the age we are.

But … how many of us live in and with the harmony between what we think, say and do, as a child manifests and lives pure happiness?
How many times we established new intentions as adults, which we later abandon, to change our lives into being easy, beautiful and lived with joy, to live our lives with the joy of a child?

❤️Children live with joy, because this is how they are programmed by God and they simply act and show joy in their lives. Their God-programmed intention in them is to live in joy.
We, as adults, need a reprogramming of the patterns we go through in life, healing after we move away from the Divine, living more and more years among people, who rewrite and reprogram us, with convictions like that joy purely Divine is only for children and still lose the Divine energy, with every conviction of low energy we receive and we need to work consciously, to seek, to find and then to live as divine beings, which we are.
Once again faith and that we need to remember that we are Divine beings, who can live the purely Divine joy, the fulfillment, if they make the right choices for their soul.

I noticed, I noticed, I noticed …
❤️We want and intend not to be alone, but we choose contexts in which we live alone, even when life gives us opportunities to be with loved ones or someone, we receive invitations and refuse them, the comfort of habit, inscribed in our cells pushes us to we choose loneliness in the comfort of our home, next to people we feel safe with, whom we know.
❤️We want a healthy life and we intend to be healthy, but the comfort of habit, inscribed in our cells pushes us to choose a life in which we overdo it and abuse our own being, because it is the way we eat and drink. were scheduled, as we saw. We eat and drink inappropriately, we do not exercise, we live sedentary. Have you ever wondered why each country has its own way of eating and we all search for instant gratification?
❤️We want a life full of content and beautiful moments, unforgettable, but the comfort of habit, inscribed in our cells pushes us to choose to “watch” ourselves sitting in front of the TV, absent from our own lives, missing the moments of happiness of each day , because that’s how comfortable it is and that’s how I saw it and that’s how I was programmed.
❤️We want professional success and prosperity, but the comfort of habit, inscribed in our cells, stops us from making an effort and depositing the necessary energy in achieving a dream, limits our ability to see and create opportunities.
Only by accepting the challenges you discover your limits and realize who you are, and without effort and discipline, you cannot grow, neither professionally, nor prosper, nor surpass yourself yesterday, because yes, this is healthy competition, you with you, not you with your neighbor, colleague, etc.
❤️Success is built with many small steps, not big ones. Joy grows with every moment lived in intensity and joy, nowadays, today, as a child does, with lust for life, people, color, music, nature, everything that is Divine.
The years 2019 and 2020 for me were light years, with many achievements, joys and dreams fulfilled. I received the magic in my life, family and home and let God guide me, I listened to his messages sent through people and contexts to me and I did my part.
I rediscovered the purely Divine joy and I tell you that it also exists at the age of 40.
That’s how I came to live in gratitude, for everything, joys and pains alike. When you understand and accept what comes to you with blessing, you grow in and through faith. God is with me, God is with us, God is in me and in us and this is manifested in the joy of living my life, every moment as it comes, because nothing happens without Divine will!
Our lives end the day we remain silent about the things that matter (Martin Luther King Jr.)
My intention for 2021 is to remain authentic and vocal, me with me, me for me, constantly observing, every day, what kind of moments I choose for myself every day, of presence or absence in my life!
❤️I choose to choose myself every day and live in harmony, to say and do what I think! ❤️
❤️For me happiness is growth and contribution, every day! ❤️
What is ”happiness” for you?

Leave me a comment, I would love to know your thoughts! ❤️

Nicoleta Mădălina Gherghe Mihăilă

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