Feminine or Masculine Leadership?

Are we able as women to succeed in business, become leaders without behaving as men?

For big part of my professional life, my first part, I’ve tried to fit in business world molding my values to fit into masculine models for success and leadership.

In last years I used my time to search and research about human psychology and behavior, as the masculine model was not an appropriate energy for me in my personal life. And the reason is not, that I am a woman, the reason is we need to have equilibrium, between the feminine and masculine energy, no matter we are men or women, because this is the way how Creator made the “game of life” to play: YIN and YANG, Night and DAY, Dark and Light, Moon and Sun.

I always wondered how come we are unique and in the same time so alike. Even if we are women or men, come from different countries, culture, we really strive for the same: a family to love and love us, abundance and prosperity, connection, significance and more.

What makes us unique? What makes us the same? How to become who we really born to be and experience?

Is feminine leadership different of masculine leadership?

If you inspire others to learn more, do more, experience more and become more I would say, no matter you are a man or a woman you are a leader. So, this makes us alike.

The way we choose to inspire or lead make us unique.

Do we use only or majority masculine traits? Analytical, Competitive, Singular, Rational, Determined, Linear & Logical, Objective, Assertive, Goal Directed … and more Do we think masculine traits are better than feminine traits?

Do we use only feminine traits?

What are feminine traits used? Intuitive, Collaborative, Adept of multi-tasking, Emotional, Passionate, Creative, Empathic, Receptive, Allow to flow … and more. Do we think that feminine traits are better than masculine traits?

I will speak more at the event Belgian Week, in Bucharest, Hotel Caro, 5 May, hour 9.30 am. I invite you too, to connect and grow ourselves and our impact.

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Nicoleta Mădălina Gherghe Mihăilă

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