Feminine Leadership Shaping the Future

The secret of successful leadership has been the subject of research for centuries. As I said in the first post, I read a lot and came to the same conclusion as the Harvard researchers, who researched at a much higher level for 20 years, interviewing and analyzing thousands of leaders and communicating this. result, right in April 2022 through an article in the Harvard Business Review.

They communicated this result in a way, which I will describe to you by quoting and summarizing it, and I have the same vision that I will say in my own words at the meeting at 9.30, on 5.05 at Hotel Caro , Bucharest and adding ideas from what I read and experienced in the personal transformation programs I went through.

It is the same result that you will find as a message in all my posts, namely that we are energy and that what we transmit to others is our energy.

That is why we need a balance in our internal energy, between masculine energy and feminine energy.

They say …

”We decided to examine this question empirically, and when we did, we found that the greatest predictor of success for leaders is not their charisma, influence, or power. It is not personality, attractiveness, or innovative genius. The one thing that supersedes all these factors is positive relational energy: the energy exchanged between people that helps uplift, enthuse, and renew them. (…)
There is a botanical term for these results: the heliotropic effect. That’s the phenomenon whereby plants naturally turn toward and grow in the presence of light. In nature, light is the life-giving force; photosynthesis occurs only in its presence. Human beings have the same inherent attraction toward life-giving and life-supporting energy. This form of energy is what you receive — and give — in relationships with others. Decades of research shows that this positive relational energy nourishes us and makes us come alive.”

The study concluded that there are “positive energizers” that are people who give energy and “de-energizers” people who take your energy, in short.

I had to deal with both types. When you work with a leader who takes your energy you get in burnout, the consumption is high and you don’t get energy from anywhere else, you don’t have the time. When you work with a leader who gives you energy, you reach the top, the consumption is low, and the energy is constantly increased.

Harvard studies show that positive energizers produce substantially higher levels of involvement, higher turnover, and an increased sense of well-being among employees, all of which is explained (logically) by increased levels of happiness hormones.

How are these hormones increased, or the energy from which we do all our actions, all of us as human beings?

Dopamine from the joy of a job recognition. Serotonin from the pleasure of being promoted to a new position, gaining social importance, respect, pride to become. Oxytocin from the comfort of the trust received or offered. Connection endorphins, jokes, movement together.

Dopamine motivates people to take action to meet their goals, desires, and needs, and gives us a surge in our enjoyment. Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are all linked to low dopamine levels. That is why it is essential to divide the big goals into small pieces and to celebrate every little success, with a dinner in a restaurant, with a little vacation, a day off, with small rewards.

Serotonin flows when you feel significant and important. Loneliness and depression occur when serotonin is absent. So, recognizing the importance and significance of others is how leaders can make an impact. What I have seen is that department managers often take credit for the work of their colleagues in the department, leaving them without serotonin. A lack of sincerity and recognition of ideas.

Oxytocin builds intimacy, trust and builds relationships of trust. Creating strong connections and improved relationships is the way leaders can grow them in their team. How is this level lost and reduced? By violating the trust of someone who has put their trust in you as a leader. What I saw? That there are managers who gossip or discuss in the corners the activity of someone in his department.

Endorphins are released in response to stress and pain. If it appears it is good to fix it easily with exercise, a gift a dark chocolate. This requires leaders to be present and observe the condition of their colleagues.

What I told you here is part of what we will be discussing at the Feminine Leadership Shaping the Future seminar.

What I told you in another post is that people receive energy directly, from heart to heart. So what I would add here in conclusion is that if a leader mentally does everything I mentioned here, but not from the heart, people will not receive, because we are energy, and energy is transmitted from a congruent heart and mind, not from only mind.

If you are a leader and you just want to check the actions that increase the levels of happiness hormones, without feeling with your heart, you will be surprised that people will not receive, neither recognition, nor vacation, nor chocolate, nor promotion.

From my heart to your heart and the heart of your business ❤️

Nicoleta Mădălina Gherghe Mihăilă

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