Some images are worth a thousand words … That’s how this video is attached. However, I add a few words …

For years the word of my search has been BALANCE. I considered it the best word ever … Why? Because it seemed impossible for me to reach balance, to have everything I want, to live in a state of well-being and fulfillment.

After years of searching and practicing the mind and heart coherence, I found it, and from here I moved on to another level of consciousness and another word that defines me SURRENDER … to flow with life.

I would like to tell you about the levels of consciousness, in a simple way, as it was taught to me by Peter Sage in his programs Elite Mentorship Forum and Ultimate Self Mastery.

We are Divine beings and you know it. We have 4 levels of consciousness in which we can exist on Earth. What defines our level of consciousness? The states and emotions in which we spend our lives.

The levels of consciousness are described in a simple way below.

1. It happens to me (TO ME) and the others are guilty, anyone, anything, not me. I am not the creator of my life, I cannot change my life and circumstances. I live by inertia, from one day to the next, I am a victim of the system, the country, the Government, the company in which I live, the family in which I was born, etc. You got a picture. Here the emotions are low: frustration, suffering, unbelief, despair, shame, guilt, envy.

2. By me – By Achiever mentality, where I can control everything that happens to me, I think I can control and I take responsibility for controlling the course of my life. This means that I am alone and can, but to seek, to benefit from all the resources I need a lot of energy, which sometimes drains and I can not take it from anywhere, because I am alone and the responsibility is only mine, I do not have Divine support, I have no people to support me, God does not support all my superhuman efforts (or so I see ☺️)

3. Through me (THROUGH ME) – Life flows through me, I begin to understand that everything has a Divine order, I begin to see beyond what is Earthly. Everything happens for a reason. Every man I meet has something to bring me. My partner and my child reveal my AUTHENTICITY. WHO AM I. I ACCEPT and I HAVE FAITH. I am not alone. I have Divine support. The right people come to me at the right time. I am present and I find my way, I feel that I am on my way. I find the mission of my soul and I live according to the vision of my heart. Here is your BALANCE.

4. Like me (AS ME) – I am energy, we are ONE. You are ME and I am YOU. We are parts of God. We have supernatural powers, which we would call supernatural, but it is natural to the DIVINE being. Here in this state were and are what we call Saints on Earth.

I went through the first 3 states, large-scale personal development is focused on level 2, mental and logical, best practices, mental techniques and practices, logical, calculated. I stayed there for many years, most of them, but I managed to get to flow with life and maybe just visit, I fall into the old pattern, but I quickly return to my life now. There I lose my accumulated energy too fast and now all I want is to increase my energy and keep my BALANCE by default, through my current state.

Want to know how I got to BALANCE? What was the practice that brought me here, through which I healed and balanced myself?

If you want to know send me a message and I’ll answer.

From my heart to your heart

Nicoleta Mădălina Gherghe Mihăilă

Managing Partner - Powerfull Deeds For 10 years doing Powerfull Deeds, serving individuals and companies in their own journey of growth with my knowledge, experience, tools and shortcuts, enjoying each step. I would love to contribute in yours too. How can I serve you? Send me an email and tell me how can I add value to you? [contact-form-7 id="497" title="Contact form 1"]

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