Business Culture in Romania

  • If you ever wondered why your e-mails are not answered and your phone calls returned you may not know that Romanians value personal relationships very much so they prefer to do business with people they already know or were introduced to by someone trustworthy. It takes time to get them to trust you but once this is achieved many doors can open for you and your business .
  • Despite the Latin background Romanian business culture is reserved , formal and hierarchial ;
  • Romania places great emphasis on formal approaches and good manners so it is unusual to use first names in Romanian business .
  • Titles are important and you should address people by their professional or academic title with their family name or “domnul” (Mr.) or “doamna” (Mrs. or Ms. ) along with their family name ;
  • Business appointments should be made a few weeks in advance and re-confirmed a couple of day before the settled date.
  • Meetings are usual quite formal and the business attire should be formal. Business cards are usually exchanged ;
  • Meeting schedules are not right in Romania . There may be an agenda , but it serves as a guideline for the discussion and can act as a springboard to other business . Also , punctuality is relative.
  • Negotiations can be tough . Decisions are only made by the most senior member of the Romanian side. Avoid confrontational behaviour or high-pressure sales tactics.
  • During the summer months , Christmas and Easter many businesses close for an extended period ;
  • Romanians are quite direct and frank but take care to be courteous and not offend people ;
  • Romanians value their privacy very much and feel unconfortable if asked personal information.
  • When doing business in Romania shake hands with people upon arrival and also when leaving . It is preferable to wait for a woman to extend her hand .
  • It is a relationship-driven culture but at the same time very private . It takes a while to earn trust , but once this happens it opens many doors .
  • Remain flexible in your approach when doing business in Romania.

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