BE the CHANGE before the change CHANGES YOU 💜❤️💚

BE the CHANGE before the change CHANGES YOU 💜❤️💚

How to create change? By example and Invitation

About the future and personal example.

At the NLP course I treated an exercise like a game, like play. The trainer told us to change the chair we sit on at every break and to change the team or work partner at each exercise. That’s what I did, easily, with enthusiasm and in play, sometimes commenting, making jokes.

Awareness of the importance of these “rules” of small changes, included in the program, with the intention of changing the routine, I had recently.

In order for Mugur, my husband and I to work together, we shared our tasks in a way that would help both of us to work (especially the help was for me). Going and coming back from kindergarten was task of Mugur.

We did this for a few weeks and our little boy understood that only Dad takes him to and from kindergarten. When I wanted to take him, he greeted me with “mommy noooo, mommy noooo … daddy, daddy”, because this was the habit formed, because a routine was formed in which we all felt comfortable and because it was difficult (still is) for him to adapt to change, now as we are forced to change.

If we had taken him one day me, the other day Mugur, probably, adapting to change would have been easier and more natural, when we had to do it. 💜❤️💚

Even if in itself, the routine of taking him only dad to kindergarten, has nothing bad on the surface, on the contrary it brings efficiency in our adult program, as it gives me time, comfort, in essence the evil was manifested by resistance to change that we have cultivated unintentionally and as in life everything is changing, day by day and everywhere we talk about adaptability and flexibility, we cut ourselves, to us and to our children access to these two resources.

To change we can change a lot of things, with intention in the daily routine, from  how we get up from bed, waking time, to what we eat, what information we access, when, how often, how we spend our time, etc.

Only with a focus on ourselves, self-observation, awareness and a life lived with intention, can we influence the next generations for the better.

💜❤️💚What awareness do you have? Who and how did you influence today, yesterday or the past weeks?

Nicoleta Mădălina Gherghe Mihăilă

Managing Partner - Powerfull Deeds For 10 years doing Powerfull Deeds, serving individuals and companies in their own journey of growth with my knowledge, experience, tools and shortcuts, enjoying each step. I would love to contribute in yours too. How can I serve you? Send me an email and tell me how can I add value to you? [contact-form-7 id="497" title="Contact form 1"]

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