About Romanian Institutions

Institutions help us to know how to behave in a certain situation, such as when driving, trading in a market, or attending a social event.

Institutions are key to building trust in society.

Institutions are the most stable and permanent aspects of human systems.

Among other things, economic institutions have a decisive influence on investments in physical and human capital, technology and industrial production. …

As a result, some people will benefit more than others, given all the pre-existing economic conditions and the way resources are allocated.
Institutional power is the power exercised by entities such as governments and corporations that control people and direct their behavior through the use of rewards and punishments.

How does the institution influence economic activity?

Institutions determine the costs of economic transactions: they stimulate the development in the form of contracts and the execution of contracts, issue commercial, fiscal, legislative codes with compliance by all people in the “system”, all leading to reduced or normalized transaction costs, risk and uncertainty.

Those in the system receive economic freedom, security and equity, financial security and the freedom to make economic choices. Institutions serve as benchmarks that help us determine if the system meets most or all of our needs.
The five major social institutions of most societies are the family, the state or government, the economy, education and religion, hence the branches.

Today we talk about the institutions with which a company interacts, so economy institutions.

What documents do the representatives of the institutions that come to control a company request?

Here is a summary and a list of documents, in video about them and their role, what they are aimed at and what their objectives are.
The documents required for the controls are overlapping, others are specific. For commercial activity, we list from the institutions OF ANAF – National Agency for Fiscal Administration, ITM – Territorial Labor Inspectorate, ISU – General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, DSP – Public Health Department, ANSVSA – National Sanitary Veterinary and Safety Authority, GNM – National Environmental Guard, ANPC – National Authority for Consumer Protection, ANSPDCP – National Authority for Data Processing Supervision, what is required.

Single Control Register
Deeds of incorporation of the company
Organizational Chart
Special Register and Intervention Book for the cash register
Job descriptions, collective attendance sheets, payroll statements, Cash Register and Accounting Registers
Identity card of the legal representative of the company
Company operating permits
Certificate stating the CAEN codes (object of activity) of the company and the premises in which it operates
Manufacturer’s certificate if applicable
Proof of ownership of the commercial space
Qualification courses in the field practiced, if applicable
Authorization to occupy the public or private domain of the mayor’s office, if applicable
Supporting documents regarding the origin and receipt of the goods
Declaration on the trade surcharge applied
Documents for obtaining civil protection authorizations
Building permit and PV for completion of works
Situation plan and location in the area
Environmental permit, if applicable
Authorization to regulate the activity, if applicable
Negotiation obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency, in case you need an environmental permit
Utility contracts
Internal procedures on how to collect waste
Decision designating the person for waste management
Contracts concluded with authorized operators for the collection / recovery / disposal of waste
Supporting documents for waste delivery
Register of waste records and other analytical records in the accounting analytical balances, warehouse records
Reporting to the Competent Authority for Environmental Protection of Generated / Collected / Transported / Marketed / Treated Waste
Declarations submitted to the environmental fund and proof of payment of taxes
The technical approval file underlying the declaration on your own responsibility for obtaining the veterinary sanitary approval, which must contain general hygienic and sanitary data and working conditions, location conditions and construction conditions.
ANSVA endorses and controls in various fields: animal health, animal welfare, food safety, risk analysis with communicable diseases, animal identification and registration, animal nutrition, products of non-animal origin.
Requests and verifies sanitary requirements regarding food premises, equipment requirements, water supply, personal hygiene, food rules, provisions on food packaging and wrapping, heat treatment applied, professional training required, general sanitary requirements and special requirements, sanitary requirements for rooms where food is prepared, treated and processed, equipment requirements, food waste management.
For ANPC authorization documents, technical product file in case of regulated product, declaration of conformity, if the normative acts provide for this, certificate of conformity, technical specification of the product, documents certifying the performance of analyzes and tests, documents of conformity of raw materials used in the manufacture of the product, the technical data sheet of the measuring and control devices and equipment related to the conformity of the product, the correctness of the identification and characterization of the product and the instructions, the hygienic conditions shall be checked the granting of the term of legal guarantee, the assurance of the service activity and of the spare parts, according to the regulations in force, the proof of the settlement of the notifications and complaints of the consumers (register).
Authorization documents, documents specific to the activity: declaration of conformity, order note, pre-calculation estimate, execution contract, guarantee certificates, etc. Proof of the specifications applicable to the services, except for public catering, customer service contracts, verification of declared or prescribed conditions of conformity.
For ISU fire safety opinions and permits, accompanied by documents, procedure for the organization and responsibilities of fire protection, fire protection instructions and duties of employees in the workplace, regulation of open fire and smoking, personnel training documents, training sheets, the disposition of setting up the private service for emergencies or contract with another private service for emergencies, the specific technical documentation according to the law: fire safety scenarios, identification and analysis of fire risks, etc. , the register for the record of work permits with fire
For ANSPDCP the appointment of a data protection officer, procedures and internal training on the necessary provisions for data protection

I hope this is giving you a helicopter view.

From my heart to yours and the heart of your company ❤️

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